Jamba Juice Gift Card

Jamba Juice Gift Card
Congratulations to our winner!

Winner: Binky Caral

What sport or activity do you enjoy the most?


What’s your best tip for getting healthy or improving wellness?

Eat right. Sleep well. Exercise daily. And keep your body hydrated.

In your opinion, what makes the Philippines great for living a healthy lifestyle?

There’s a growing consciousness across ages (18 and above) to keep fit and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Aside from health reasons, this could be due to the influence of family and friends through social media. It’s great that health and fitness clubs, gyms, and studios have sprouted not only in urban centers like BGC but in suburbs as well. There’s a wide range of exercise options you can choose from—- yoga, pilates, barre, boot camp, cross fit, among others. Certified instructors/coaches/teachers are easily available. Even international instructors come to Manila to teach.

In terms of food, some supermarkets and delis sell organic items. And if cooking is not for you, you can even order and have your healthy meal delivered. Restaurants like Wholesome Table also have excellent dishes made from fresh organic ingredients.

Finally, our tropical climate is perfect for outdoor sports and activities. If you find it humid, then hit the gym, club or studio. Unless one chooses to be a couch potato, we do have a great environment for those who opt to live a healthy lifestyle.

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